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Beat The Heat! How To Survive The Heat In Sevilla

16 Jul 2018



Sevilla, a beautiful city with a rich history. The perfect destination for a city trip one might say. During the months of July and August however, the city it self remains stunning but be aware of the extreme temperatures. The temperatures could go up to 47℃  during the summertime. But why does it stay so hot?  That is because Sevilla is situated in a valley. Which causes the heat to remain in the city and the wind to blow right over! In this blog we will give you tips on how to survive the summer heat and still enjoy Sevilla!


Water, water water! One of the most important things is to stay hydrated. Plan ahead and always bring a bottle of water with you. Luckily, during the summer months you can buy water on every corner of the street. Also, don’t be afraid to put a little extra salt on your food! The combination of salt and water keeps you from suffering from heat exhaustion. So make sure to always have a bottle of water and a pack of crisps in your backpack.


Ofcourse you came to Sevilla to visit all the astonishing buildings and enjoy the city. During the heat it is best to plan those activities in the morning since it will be less hot during this time of day. Avoid physical activity between the hours 17:00 – 20:00 since that will be the hottest time of day. If you decide to do go out during that time, again make sure to bring enough water and take frequent breaks in the shade. Do make sure to always wear suncreen, even in the shade.

Pulse points

There are certain pulse points on your body which can help you cool down quicker.  The pulse points will chill your blood vessels herewith lowering your body temperature all together. The following points on your body are best to use: Temple, inner wrists, back of knees, around your neck and your inner thighs.

Final tip

Our final tip is to make sure that you rest enough in a chill and airconditioned environment. We did not invent the siesta for no reason! Most locals stay inside during the siesta and nap or just relax. Do follow their lead and rest up your self, this will refresh your body!


These are our tips to survive the heat and we hope you will use them wisely! 


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