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Black Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 Nov 2017

Black Friday

It rather sounds as a sad day, like something sad happened. Well it is a sad day for my purse I guess. Because black Friday is actually about a lot of discounts and sale in almost all the shops.

But why? Why the day after Thanksgiving? Well because of the fact to get people to the shops and to spend money. And this has all to do with Christmas. A month before already. So discounts and sales all over the place to get your Christmas presents ready!

Actually this all first started in America, since they were the first to celebrate Thanksgiving and black Friday. However now a lot more countries celebrate like America. So do we in Spain, and Andalucia Tours and Discovery also! Yes! We are celebrating Thanksgiving and that’s why we give you a discount which you can use on black Friday. Well come on with the discount then! We offer you a 5% discount on our daily bike tour if you book your tour on this (black) Friday! But keep in mind, this is only for the first 35 of you, so be fast!

Well how do I use this discount? You get your discount as a code which you have to insert in our website when you book your bike tour, in particular, this is the code: NL8OIiTCSa. But for sure without the point. Again, the code can be used for only 35 times so be fast! Also the weather here is so nice and still warm. I’m talking about 22-23 degrees in November! So I think you’d rather want this beautiful weather, a nice bike tour and beautiful history than the cold days in your hometown, right?

Next to that we also want to show you some offers for a cheap flight and a cheap accomodation, in that way you can have a cheap trip to Seville in total, a nice tour, a flight for a good price and also a 3 star appartment in the center of the beautiful city Seville. Check the links below!


See you in Seville then!