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The church of Santa Ana

20 Feb 2023

Santa Ana is a church in the Triana district and is an important church for Seville.

Commissioned by King Alfonso X, the church was built in the years 60 of the 13th century. According to legend, the Santa Ana church was given this name because the king, who would have been blind, was healed in a special way by praying to Santa Ana and was able to see again.

Santa Ana was the mother of Mary and thus the grandmother of Jesus. Nowadays she is among others the patron Saint of the neighborhood on the other side of the river. This also means that the church is regarded as the Cathedral of Triana. Santa Ana even knows her own folk festival called La Velada de Santa Ana, one of the oldest festivals in the city.

It was the first church in Seville that was built from the base as a parish church. Interesting are the Moorish influences in the tower of Santa Ana, which shows that part of the Islamic population has continued to live after the conquest in Seville in 1248. In this case, they were part of the construction of the new Catholic city.

Due to several earthquakes that took place in the 14th and 18th centuries, the Santa Ana church has been restored. Eventually it has a Gothic-Mudéjar style, which can be seen from arches and ceramics in the tower.

Because the Santa Ana church is so special, it is very popular to marry in. On Saturday morning you sometimes have up to 3 weddings in a row. But the ceremonies are long, so as the inside gets married, the next guests sit outside on the terrace to drink a beer and wait until the bride and groom have kissed each other. If you are near this church, take a look (also inside) at Bar Santa Ana. This is a nice and beautiful little bar that borders the church.

The Santa Ana church has been listed in Spanish Cultural Heritage since 1931.

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