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Cycling? Only benefits!

22 Aug 2017



People from the Netherlands know why: cycling is extremely popular, and that is because of a million reasons. Right here, you can read only a few advantages of riding a bike, but of course, there are many more.

Cycling health benefits

Cycling has a lot of health benefits. First of all, cycling is a good workout: while riding a bike, you can burn over 200 calories every half an hour, so if you want to get in shape, this is a perfect and fun way! That is why a lot of people do cycling for fitness. Also, it is really conducive for the blood circulation, which causes better memory and a better sleep pattern. Who rides a bike once in a while, will feel healthy and will be in shape before they know it.

Great benefits of cycling

Besides the physical benefits, riding a bike also provides many other advantages. For example, it offers you the opportunity to see many things in less time than when you go by foot, and when you ride a bike in cities where temperatures can rise really high during summer, it also provides a fresh breeze. 

Being in the outdoors is for many people relaxing, and when you ride a bike, you can also avoid traffic and crowded places where it takes like a hundred years to pass by car. But you cannot only skip traffic; it is also way cheaper than going by car. Of course, a car is way more expensive to buy than a bike, but a car also needs maintenance regularly, and you have to fill it with fuel pretty often. Also taxes are pretty expensive for cars, and for a bike, you don’t have to pay any taxes at all.

So whether you are using a bike to go to work or to go grocery shopping, or you just enjoy a relaxing bike ride on a Sunday morning with friends or family, it may always be a good idea for several reasons!