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The day of Andalucía

03 Mar 2023

Have you seen him hang here in Seville, the green/white flag? This is the flag of Andalusia. And because Seville is the capital of this, you can see it coming back regularly.

How did the day of Andalucía arise?

The founder of this holiday was Blas Infante, a spanish politician. He was born in the 19 th century. He is also known as the father of Andalusia. He created the flag of Andalusia and wrote the anthem. About in Spain you can find statues of this man. The struggle for autonomy began some 100 years ago. Then more than 2 million Andalusians went down the street to protest against the way of government. They wanted autonomy in Andalusia. This was granted during the referendum on 28 February 1980. 28 february is therefore an important day to celebrate. Andalusia is Spain's largest autonomous region with 8,5 million inhabitants. But beware, Andalusia is not the densely populated region in Spain. That is why we have a lot of beautiful nature in the area that we can show you.

But this party also has a number of traditions. For example, the children eat home-baked bread with olive oil and sugar. Breakfast is organized in most primary schools. So everyone goes green/white and they get this breakfast with juice. Everyone also hangs the green/white flag. Things are organized in different villages for young and old. Such as: Bike rides, walks, theater and music. There is also a lot of dancing and singing on the street and then mainly the traditional dance ‘flamenco’.

The flag of Andalusia

The colors green and white both have their own meaning. The green color represents the hope of the Andalusia region. While white symbolizes freedom. In addition, they are the historical colors of Andalusia and thus symbolize Andalusian history.

The coat of arms shows Hercules with two lions between the columns of Hercules, the symbol of this Spanish autonomous region that refers to its strategic location on the Strait of Gibraltar. In addition, Hercules refers to youthful energetic power and the lions also stand for strength If you want to see the San Telmo Palace and the green/white flag.

Cycle with us and we can tell you more about this day and the palace. This palace goes along with beautiful gardens. Combine these gardens with the palace with us in the bike tour.