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The Day of Andalusia

27 Feb 2017

Tomorrow is D-Day! The Day of Andalusia or “The Día de Andalucía” is celebrated February 28. It is a big day in Andalusia and they celebrating it really hard!


 Did you know many people in the cities of Andalusia decorate their balconies with  the flag of Andalusia? On that day, the balconies will be white & green.





Also the schools, mostly in Malaga area, are closed at The Day of Andalusia. But the Friday before, they do something really nice. It is often a day of celebration in many schools with a traditional Andalusian Breakfast. The children are painting pictures, singing and playing the regional anthem, “Himno de Andalucía.”





One golden tip: When you are in Seville, go outside at The Day of Andalusia. Most towns and villages have some sort of festivities with cultural activities and regional honours. Bear in mind that banks are closed, as well as most shops.

After a long day of celebrating The Day of Andalusia, you can eat at some restaurants because they are open on this day! Tip: Karpanta is a really cheap and good restaurant in Seville!

Enjoy The Day of Andalusia!