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Do they have Christmas trees in Spain?

19 Dec 2017


Christmas in Seville, what a time to be alive. A wonderful city with such a beautiful history lighted up by the beautiful Christmas decoration al over the city.

Decoration in the city

Seville is magical during Christmas. All the beautiful lights and the beautiful trees along in the city. During the day the sun is still shining which gives Seville a summerly atmosphere. And in the evening/night, it’s a lot colder already, which really gives you the Christmas feeling. When the sun goes down, the city comes to life. All the decoration lights are turned on, and all the people go out, to go shopping or to eat some tapas like always. The atmosphere is great in Seville.

What to do on Christmas Day?

But what to do on Christmas day? Mostly, in other countries, the people stay inside with their family and friends, have a nice dinner, watch Christmas movies, have some good wine and just enjoy life inside a place. That’s mostly because it’s very cold in most countries when it’s Christmas. However, despite that it’s colder as usual in Seville, around 14-17 degrees Celsius, everybody goes out with Christmas, literally everybody. Streets are packed, restaurants are packed, bars are completely packed and alameda is so packed, even a mouse wouldn’t fit there. It’s beautiful isn’t it? People go out to have drinks, enjoy the good times, have tapas in between and just being around a lot of friends and family, and the best thing about this, is that everybody merges with each other. People are having fun together. It’s a wonderful feeling to experience Christmas in Seville. The people in Seville live actually more outside than inside. Because of the warmth in Seville, the summerly season is actually from the beginning of till the end of October. In one sentence; Seville is the life if you love good weather, good food and definitely good beer! And yes, they definitely have Christmas trees in Spain!