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Get to know the most delicious ham of Andalucia!

28 Dec 2013

But also the Gruta de las Maravillas (the stalactite caves) is an amazing part of Aracena. The influences of different cultures are still visible in this town and nowadays Aracena brings you a lot to see!


First of all, as said before, the stalactite caves are a big attraction. It is one of the most spectacular cave systems in Spain. And absolutely worth a visit (inside the complex there is also a geological museum)! According to a story, the caves were found by a boy looking for a lost pig. The caves are located below the hill on which stands Aracena Castle, another highlight of this town. It is the best place to visit of its splendid panoramic views over the town and surrounding countryside.

But one of the other main reasons to visit Aracena is for their famous ham. This place is therefore strongly associated with the Jamon de Heulva (or jamon iberico de bellota), one of the most delicious hams, famous for its outstanding quality in taste and texture. Andalucía Bike Tour organizes a comprehensive excursion through Aracena with the purpose to get to know the whole process of making this special ham and of course tasting this delicious ham! ;) While visiting the Iberian ham museum, dedicated to the importance aspect of this town, you will get to know how the ham is made and why it is so important for this region.

Castle of Aracena

But during this tour you will also experience the other sides of what Aracena has to offer! For example, Aracena is an archaeological paradise because of numerous old sites to explore including churches, small villages with amazing plazas and rock fountains. Andalucía Bike Tour will head you to a natural park, which is inhabited by the Iberian ham pigs. And of course there is much more to do!

It will be an interesting tour with where you get to know a lot about the Spanish culture and this region. And of course you got the opportunity to taste the Spanish dishes such as theJamón SerranoRaratouille, Gazpacho and much more!

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Serrano ham in Aracena