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“My favorite Andalusian recipe’’ - Rosalie

29 Mar 2020

A great way of tasting the Andalusian tapas, meals, and desserts is choosing the right family in law. This means you will always have direct access to a great palette of incredible food. And after a weekend with them, you can start all over again with the diet you were following!


In this blog, I will present one of my favorite dishes of Andalusia: Salmorejo. Of course, with Spaniards, you can discuss which is the best way of cooking a certain meal during a day or even several days. It is very common to talk about food, because it has an important place in society. This is why you hardly see people eating take-away on the street. To enjoy your food you have to sit down, relax and take your time.


Since Salmorejo is a dish from Córdoba, we will now already agree on the certainty of this recipe and of course, it’s the best there is! Not even comparable with the Sevillian Salmorejo, which isn’t even worth calling it by this name (quote of my father in law..). You have to know that Córdoba and Seville are always competing about who does everything the best. We will let them win this time ;)


Alright, since now we have stated which regions know what and who has the biggest knowledge of everyone, here we go:




- 200 gr of Telera bread from Córdoba

- 1 kg of full ripe tomatoes which have seen some Andalusian sun

- 150 ml of sunflower oil (yes, no olive oil!!)

- a tiny bit of cucumber

- many garlic cloves (depends on your taste)

- 10 g of salt

- 1 boiled egg

- sliced pieces of serrano ham

- making jokes in the kitchen while cooking with a beer in your hand


First, start crumbling the bread in smaller pieces. Add the tomatoes and oil, cucumber, garlic and salt. Wait for 10 minutes so all ingredients get impregnated. Start mixing this until you will get a thick cream. Be careful, use a big mixer or thermomixer (I already burned two mixers, ahum). When you have this thick cream ready, put a little bit of oil, egg and ham on top and you are listo Calisto!


I recommend eating Salmorejo at mid-day, not at night. You can drink a little beer or wine with it. Especially in summer, it’s really refreshing. Afterward, you will have a full stomach and you will be obligated to do a siesta. This amidst 10 children playing and 5 dogs barking in the country house, it seems like real fun being with my lovely family in law!