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My Favourite Places in Seville

08 Mar 2019

Seville is, all in all, stunning.

Seville Skyline

Any time of the day, any time of the year, any part of Seville is beautiful. I enjoy every narrow street, every corner shop, every bakery... not even talking about tourist stops and sights like Plaza de Espana and many others. You can Google them, even street view them on Google maps, you can find countless images, but being here can´t be replaced by what you see on a screen.

I have favourite places to photograph, of course - anything with stunning architecture and ceramics, and the ceramics are EVERYWHERE. You can´t go wrong with a nice picture from one of the bridges of Plaza de Espana, with a bit of the ceramic posts in the shot. On any given day, I can walk outside and take a nice picture of any street, or the river, or palm trees... and that´s all nice and well.

But I found something better.

Seville has beautiful parks, of which best known and most visited by tourists is the Maria Luisa Park. It might be the most well kept park, and it does have beautiful features, like statues and ponds with fish and birds all around. But if you go just a bit further from the centre and cross this beautiful bridge in Macarena, you´ll find yourself in Parque de Alamillo.

Palm trees in a Park in Seville

This is the park we cross on our way to Italica. Google isn´t very helpful because its Wikipedia page is about ten years outdated, which seems like a feat in this day and age, but I´m pretty sure it is one of the largest urban parks in Spain.

It also seems to be the hanging out spot of choice. On a weekend, I´ve seen families, teenagers with their speakers on high, birthday parties, the most ripped dudes ever training in an outdoor gym, even a guy with a slackline. Parts of the park are also filled with orange trees and this is the picking season, so stepping there feels like a different world. I myself have no sense of smell, but I´m sure it must smell great (which I only realized after I read it somewhere else).

Alamillo Bridge Seville, Puente de Alamillo

I like it on a quite day, or during a time not many people go to a park. I love spending my siesta there, eating lunch, exercising, and then relaxing with a book. There´s also a little pond there and I know I´d spend every hot day in the summer dipping my feet in it.

My friend joked that this park has summer and winter on at the same time.

- Blue