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The passion of Flamenco

21 Apr 2023

Flamenco, if you are in Seville, you must have seen it!

What is the flamenco dance known for and how can you recognize it?

The vocals, or cante flamenco, are the basis of the flamenco style. This is often accompanied by rhythmic knocking, for example on tables, with sticks or clapping hands. Nowadays you also often hear Spanish guitars and hand drums. The dance that comes with flamenco is often recognized by the complicated and fast hand and footwork. There are different types of styles within flamenco. You have a more cheerful style (Alegrías and Tangos), a sadder and heavier one (Soleares and Seguidillas), and a style that is often used for celebrations (burlerías). In these styles, besides emotion, there is often also a difference in rhythm and speed.

How did the flamenco dance come about?

Here in the city of Seville the Flamenco dance originated. Namely, on the other side of the water in Tirana. This was the former worker's village of the city of Seville. There were many forges worked by the skippers who then dived into the port of Seville. In one of those forge companies was big footage. These images were then struck with a somewhat harder object and thus a kind of rhythm arose. At this rhythm guitar was played, clapped, sang and danced. And that is how flamenco was created. In Tirana there is also a statue that depicts the origin of the Flamenco dance. If you would like more information on this. Then cycle along with the daily tour. Then we will get through Triana and past this statue.

Where does the name Flamenco come from?

The most widely accepted meaning of the word Flamenco comes from the Spanish writer Blas Infante, who in his masterpiece the Orígenes de lo Flamenco y secretos del cante Jondo, descended the name Flamenco from the Arabic-mengus, which means as much as the wandering peasant.

Another theory comes from the poet Antonio Machado, who started that the word Flamenco was used by the Andalusian to designate gypsies, while the gypsies in turn called the Andalusians a Gacho.

Where can you best attend a flamenco show?

I have some tips for you. You can not miss these shows when you are in Seville. To start with a show in Triana. I recommend a tablao theater. You have Teatro Flamenco or CasaLa Teatro. In the district of Calla Cuna, you have Casa de la Memoria. In the Santa Cruz district, the famous old Jewish quarter of the city you also have some Casa del Flamenco or Los Gallos. The tickets for these shows can be bought online on the website of these theaters.

Did you know that??
The music of flamenco is not written down but via various generations passed on to each other. New elements are therefore being introduced each time added.