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The Perfect Honeymoon in Seville

01 Apr 2019

Are you looking for a honeymoon location and considering Spain, or even Seville? If so, let us make some suggestion as to why Seville is a great honeymoon location.

This historic city is just as romantic as Paris or Venice (and I´ve been to the first and heard of the latter - personally I wouldn´t pick them over Seville). Seville has a lot to offer for everyone, if it´s families, solo travelers, couples, or even newlyweds. Let´s look at some of the romantic activities you can enjoy here:

Seville is the capital of Andalusia, the home of the Andalusian horse, which means that horses are being used here quite frequently. You can go on a horse drawn carriage ride around the city, or enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery of Andalusian countryside on the horseback, as several tour companies offer horseback riding tours.

Horse carriage in Seville

Staying in the area of romantic outings, if you´re not an animal lover, you might be swayed by a motor boat ride on the river, or maybe you´d like to rent a small boat and row around the little man-made river at the Plaza de Espana? It doesn´t get more romantic than that. Unless a crab pops out of the water and starts singing Kiss The Girl in a Jamaican accent.

Plaza de Espana

Another way to enjoy the city and the countryside is to go on a bike tour - we might be biased, but we believe our tours are the best. They are certainly the quickest way of seeing the most of the city´s highlights, and Seville is overall a cycling city. You can also rent a bike (from us) and explore it on your own.

Seville´s rich history has left the city with many remains of it´s past glory (not that Seville doesn´t have its own, current glory). One of these are the famous Roman baths, possibly the most intimate experience you can have outside of your bedroom. Enjoy massages, pampering, and hot pools underground, surrounded by walls older than most cities.

It is very possible that Seville is where Flamenco originated, which means that the city has many Flamenco artists. There are small and large shows, street performances, but also classes lead by these performers. You can take a class with your partner or go see a show that comes with a dinner.

Flamenca Dancer

While we´re at dinner, have I mentioned all the amazing restaurants in Seville? Spanish food is world famous and you´d be crazy if you didn´t try as much as you could while here. After all, married people are statistically more prone to gaining weight, so you have an excuse. And if restaurants offering tapas, paella, churros and other delicacies don´t attract you, maybe you´d like to take your food with you and have a picnic in a park or by the river?

Park in Seville

If you´re a night animal, you might enjoy the nightlife here. The Spanish are used to living their days until midnight, eating their dinner much later than other nations, and they stay out longer as well. It is normal for nightlife only start at 10pm. Definitely don´t miss the clubs and bars around the city!

Whatever you choose, you won´t be disappointed. Seville has it all. If you´re researching honeymoon locations in preparation for your wedding - congratulations! We wish you have the most amazing wedding and marriage! Give us a shout if you do choose Seville!