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Sevilla perfect city for the bike

21 Mar 2022

So, here we go again. It is now normal that on your first full day of a city trip you leave the house around half past nine. Sometimes earlier, sometimes a little later. But for a bike ride you will be at the store around 10am. Then you will be bust for around three hours, and you will be dropped off at 13:00 where you started your bike ride.
Get on a bike in Sevilla to get to know the city better, get yourself orientated and hear some stories.

During this wonderful tour, there are a few things we want to share with you to make your bike ride through Seville even easier and more fun.

5 tips: Cycling in Seville

1. Seville is loved by the Dutch.
The Dutch like to visit Seville, especially in the spring or autumn. In the summer you do not want to be here because of the high temperatures, but in autumn it is perfect here and you can escape the autumn weather in the Netherlands.

2. It is a real cycling city.
Not only we Dutch like to get on a bicycle, the nicycle is also a popular means of transport for the locals. Cycling in Seville is easy to do and there are also great cycle paths.

3. You must be able to recognize those bicycle paths….
In the city you must look a bit better for the bike path. Here the cycle path is indicated with strips of silver ‘bubbles’ on the road, with a small cyclist depicted on it.

4. Know where to cycle to.
Santa Cruz is a beautiful neighborhood in Seville, because of its cozy streets. A real must see, but not by bike. It is also better not to cycle through the shopping streets.
In short: just join one of our bike tours, then you are always in the right place.

5. The tram
Seville has tram lines and so of course there are tram rails. These rails are on the same road as the cars, horse-drawn carriages, and the cyclists. Pay extra attention to this because before you know it your wheel will be in between, and you will fall. Make sure you cycle within the caps and keep your bell ready.