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Seville budget proof? Definitely!

12 Oct 2020

Does Seville seem like a beautiful city for your next city trip when you’re able to visit again, but are you afraid that it’ll be a hard time with a small budget? No worries, we got you! As in every big city, there are things that come with the price but in this blog, we show you how you can spend a nice Sevillian holiday on a budget!

In Seville, there are a lot of things to visit for free, which is of course great and also makes it a lot more accessible for everyone. Public places such as the María Luisa Park, Plaza de España and Jardines de Murillo are free to visit by everyone. Seville also offers several museums that are free to visit, sometimes only on certain days. Below is a list of attractions with (almost) free entrances. Though, due to the circumstances regarding COVID-19, we recommend you to take varied opening hours into account. Contact the locations if you are not sure whether the location in question considers different measures or not.

The Archaeological Museum. In this museum, there’s free entrance for EU members. -
Museo de Artes y Costumbres populares. Also in this museum, there’s free entrance for EU members. -
Museum of Modern Art. In this museum, there’s free entrance from Tuesday to Friday from 7 to 9 pm and Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm. -
Seville Cathedral and the Giralda. There’s free entrance every Monday from 4.30-6 pm. -
Real Alcázar. In the royal palace of Seville, there’s free entrance every Monday from April till September between 6 and 7 pm and every Monday from October till March between 4 pm and 5 pm. -
Archivo de Indias.
Metropol Parasol. Also known as ‘Las Setas’ (The mushrooms), the entrance of Metropol Parasol costs only € 3 and you will have a beautiful view of Seville and beyond! -

Let’s get to the food. Food in Seville can be as expensive as you want. If you want to save costs, you can also go to the supermarket and prepare your meal in your apartment, if possible. Of course, you sometimes just want to go out for dinner on a holiday, so below are some budget food tips for places where you can eat real Spanish food.

Pepe Hillo. At this rustic restaurant and bar, you can eat delicious tapas for a reasonable price. It is located in the Old Jewish neighborhood of Santa Cruz. -
Arte y Sabor. Here, they serve tapas with influences from Arab cuisine. For a tapa snack you will spend about € 3 and the drink is about € 2. -
Bar La Fábula. Here, the food is very delicious and you can eat and have a drink for € 13. It is located in the Sevillian district of Triana. -
Lonja de Feria. This is an old market hall where you can choose different dishes. Not only Spanish, but also Mexican and Japanese cuisine are represented here. You can get a coin for € 4 at the counter and hand it in at one of the tapas stalls. You only pay 4 euros for a tapa + a drink. -

Are you a student? Take a look at which places you will receive a student discount. People over 65 and disabled people also receive a discount at many places or can even enter for free!

So, you see, Seville is also a perfect city for a budget city trip! And who knows, we might see you again during one of our bike tours where we show all the highlights of the city within 3 hours and tell you enthusiastically about the beautiful city of Seville! You can find more information via