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Seville's Jewish Quarter: Barrio Santa Cruz

10 Oct 2018

Today's blog is about the Jewish quarter we have in Sevilla. One of the most charming areas of Sevilla if you ask me. Perfect to stroll around on a Sunday morning. But also, a lot of history in one area. Curious? In this blog will I tell you more about it.


History of Barrio de Santa Cruz

The Jewish quarter is near to the Real Alcazar, located in the centrum of Seville. The king Ferdinand III of Castille who conquered the city from Muslim rule, belonged this part of the city to the Jewish people who lived in Seville. It’s directly to see that it is a different area in the city. The streets are small, there is a lot of so called ‘azulejos’. That means ceramic tiles. The Jewish people lived here in peace together. Until the 14th century. King Ferdinand II of Aragon didn’t want any Jewish people living anymore in Seville. So, he expelled them from Seville, and the Jewish quarter went downhill. Around the 1800/1900 century the neighborhood underwent a major process of urban renewal. Also, for the exposition of 1929 was the neighborhood renewed. Today you can see how beautiful the neighborhood became. An area you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Seville.


What can you see in Barrio de Santa Cruz?

There is a lot to see in the Jewish quarter. So many hidden patio’s, countless churches and small streets. I can recommend walking there a morning or an afternoon. And see what the pretty neighborhood has to offer you. Also, is it perfect for a lunch or a dinner. You sit directly underneath the orange trees, between the small streets.


Hospital de los Venerables

This ‘Hospital’ is built in 1675 for priest as a residence and a hospital. It is in the Plaza de los Venerables, in the center of the Barrio de Santa Cruz. The built of the building was finished in 1697 under the lead of the architect Leonardo de Figueroa. There is also a church built, in honor of San Fernando. This church is beautiful, there are some masterpieces like the altarpiece, and some amazing statues.

Nowadays is there an exhibition you can visit. With paintings from Diego Velázquez, one of the most important painters of the Spanish Golden Age. Deftly a place you should visit when you are in Barrio de Santa Cruz. For more information about the Hospital de los Venerables, visit this website.

Curious to more information about the Jewish Quarter? We also visit this in our tour, you can book your tickets here!