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21 Nov 2022

“El Salon Internacional del Caballo”, the SIcab is the most important event for the real Spanish horse race (PRE) that has a great international reputation. The SICAB has been held in Seville since 1991 and is the meeting of the national and international equestrian world, as IT brings TOGETHER PRE-breeders and owners from over 60 countries and many participants from children to professionals. There are championship competitions and shows and there is a large trade fair.

THE Spanish horse, our noble four-legged friend from Andalusia
One of the oldest horse breeds in Europe comes from Spain and is called “Pura Raza Española (PRE) “. THE PRE is an Andalucian, an ancient horse breed from the Seville region. The origin of the Spanish horse lies in a horse race that originated between 1000 and 800 BC. THE Spanish horse, THE PRE, was bred by King Phillips II in Cordoba at the beginning of the 16th century under the leadership of the Royal Stalmaster, Diego Lopez de Haro. He wanted to breed a noble, reliable use horse with a nice look. The breed was already bred in a Carthusian abbey since the 13th century. In 1912, the pure Spanish horses were separated into an independent breeding line, subject to strict rules. THE PRE is a noble, noble and very workwilling horse. They go through the fire for their owner. In the past, the preference was a mold because white stood for noblity, the right combination of temperament, courage, workability and reliability. But nowadays all colors are present: Mold, black, brown and fox. The Spanish horse is used all over the world in the circus, the dressage of freedom, the dressage of high school and in ordinary maneges. Due to their flowing corridor it is nice to ride these horses. The horses are also wanted actors for coiling in historical, fantasy and spectacle films.

SICAB events in 2022
SICAB is held annually in the third week of November. More than a thousand pure-bred Spanish horses of more than 300 national and international manages participate in the many categories. During the week, more than 200.000 people come to the event, making it the third most important event in the city in terms of visitor numbers. Everything is taken out of the cupboard to give visitors the most versatile picture of the Spanish race. There are competitions, auctions, shows, conferences and a trade show with 300 stands. SIcab is also the world championship Spanish savings. There are numerous competitions for children up to and including professionals in many classes and disciplines. The show with horses is most impressive thanks to the light, sound and acrobatic tours of the horses and their riders. The SIcab has always supported the Spanish Royal House and there are always many celebrities such as film stars Keanu Reeves, Sofia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, as well as famous footballers such as Sergio Ramos, who started at FC Seville and
16 years for Real Madrid would play football.

Where is the SIcab?
The SIcab takes place in the total 75.000 m² exhibition space of the Palacio de Congressos de Sevilla FIBES, where the competitions and shows take place. Seville's Congress and Exhibition Palace is located on Avda Alcalde Luis Uruñuela, 1. It is a beautiful architecturally modern convention center.

The horse show with acrobatics and light is spectacular and must have seen you. And you'll also need to watch the typical Spanish competitions such as Doma Classica, classic dressage, Alta Escuela, college dressage and especially Doma Vaquera, the driving style for working with cattle. On horseback you can't go there, but you can do it by bus or taxi. But IT's much more fun to cycle with us on a tour through Seville to the convention center. A lovely 15-minute bike ride with us!