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Spanish lesson – Get on that bike!

28 Sep 2020

Are you planning to discover Andalusia by bike? Then it would be helpful to know a little bit of Spanish! We wrote down a number of words and sentences for you that might be useful during your bike tour. Let’s get started!

First of all, we made a list for you with the Spanish translations for the components of your bicycle and other helpful words:

The bike – La bicicleta
The wheel – La rueda
The tire – La cubierta
The seat – El sillín
The chain – La cadena
The handlebars – El manillar
The brake – El freno
The handle – La palanca
The pedal – El pedal
The spokes – Los radios
The front light – La luz delantera
The back light – La luz trasera
The lock – El candado
The kickstand – La pata de cabra
The luggage reck – El transportín
The bicycle gear – Los cambios
The bell – El timbre
The fender – El guardabarros
The helmet – El casco
The bike shop – La tienda de bicicletas
The biking road – El carril bici

Would you like to know how you’re supposed to pronounce most of these words? Then we would be happy to teach you this in the video we made earlier via this link:

Besides knowing Spanish biking words, it could also be useful to know some sentences:

Where is the closest bike shop? – ¿Dónde está la tienda de bicicletas más cercana?
I want to rent a bike – Quiero alquilar una bicicleta
How many gears does this bicycle has? – ¿Cuantas cambios tiene esta bicicleta?”
How do the gears work? – ¿Cómo funcionan los cambios?
Can you replace my tire? – ¿Podría cambiarme la cubierta?
My light doesn’t work – Mi luz no funciona
Can you fix my light, please? – ¿Puedes arreglar mi luz, por favor?
My brakes don’t work – Mis frenos no funcionan
Can you fix my brakes, please? – ¿Puedes arreglar mis frenos, por favor?

Would you like to know how you’re supposed to pronounce most of these sentences? We made another video which you can watch via this link:
Well, now that you've read this blog and watched the videos, you can name all components of a bike, how to say what needs to be fixed and more. Do you want to know how to order food in Spanish? Don’t hesitate to read this blog as well: