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Torre Sevilla

28 Dec 2021

When you walk along the Alfonso canal, you have probably noticed a high tower in the distance. A tower that doesn't really fit in with the rest of the city at all. This is the Torre Sevilla. I will tell you more about this in this blog.

The Torre Sevilla is the highest tower in Seville but also in Andalusia, it is 180 meters high.
The construction of the tower started in 2008 and was finished in 2015, so Torre Sevilla is actually not that old at all!
The architect Cesar Pelli is an Argentinian architect and he designed this building in a cylindrical building, which is located in the Triana district.

The intention of this building was to accommodate the Spanish bank Cajasol. This would become their main building, but later this bank was taken over by the Catalan bank La Caixa. Here in town, some people are not very happy with the tower. This is because the bank that is now in it is a Catalan bank, but also because this tower is higher than the Giralda tower.
In addition, some people also say that they think that the tower does not fit in with the rest of the city at all and that is why many people think that the view does not get any better.

Nowadays it houses several companies, including a hotel, where you have an incredibly beautiful view of the city and a restaurant. These are located on the top floor of the tower.
Besides the Torre Sevilla you can find many other things in that area. You also have a shopping center there, where you also have nice terraces.

Looks like there is still a lot to find and experience on this side of the city!