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19 Apr 2022

Located on the other side of the Guadalquivir, Triana is a proud neighborhood with proud people.
Because Triana is separated of the rest of Seville by the Guadalquivir, it formed its own identity. The residents of Triana usually call themselves “Trianese” instead of Sevillian and when they go over the bridge, they even say they’re going to Seville.

Triana is the birthplace of many artists and artforms, take for example the Flamenco. Some well-known bullfighters and seafarers were also born in Triana. Almost all the Azulejos, (Ceramic tiles) you see through out Seville, are handmade in Triana!

Triana use to be the neighborhood of the poor and the gypsies, the rich were all living on the other side of the river. So almost all the work in the city was done by the residents of Triana, take Columbus’s ship for example was mostly manned by Trianese.

The oldest church of the city is also located in Triana, the Iglesia de Santa Anna. It technically is the oldest because it’s the first church build on its own foundations instead of the foundations of a mosque. This is the most popular wedding venue for the people of Triana, the que is between one and two years!