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Trick or treat!

06 Oct 2019

Trick or treat! Slowly the season is changing from summer to fall, it is October again and that means that it is time to prepare for Halloween! On the 31st of October, the streets are filled with people dressed up as zombies, horror clowns and other horrifying characters. And of course, carved out pumpkins give the city a really spooky vibe.

Seville is a city that houses a lot of traditional festivals such as the Feria de Abril or Easter. But what also characterizes the Sevillians is that they are open and welcome traditions from all around the world, for example, Halloween, a day that ingrained in the city and gives the Sevillians another reason to party. Whether you are looking for joy, parties or well-made costumes, Seville is the destination where it all comes together on Halloween. 


What activities are there in the city?
Whether you are going with your partner, whole family or friends, there are enough activities in Seville on Halloween for everyone. For kids, Isla Magica is a destination you can’t skip. On Halloween, it will be full of scary ornaments, fake graves, and storytellers that will scare the children. Kids can enjoy themes parades, shows and meet the Ghostbusters and the Addams Family! On their website, you can find at what times they’re open and what else they have to offer around Halloween. Of course, it is also possible to dress up your kids and go trick-or-treating in the Sevillian streets.

At the Prado de San Sebastián park, the famous festival of the Nations will take place. One of the biggest parties, full of horror, music and most importantly: fun. Besides the Halloween parties, there are many things to do at that Prado from September 25th until November 3rd, 2019. Experience food, crafts, music and more at the stalls that represent all different countries. 

Of course, most bars and pubs in the city participate in the parties and offer a weekend full of terror.

Do you rather go to a restaurant? At Restaurante Parix they change the theme to Halloween and even offer a complete Halloween menu. On their website, you can find how to make a reservation and can learn more about the menu. Enjoy your dinner while you are surrounded by people in costumes. Don’t drop your glass of wine!

Come to Seville to discover what this city has to offer during Halloween!