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Typical dishes of Córdoba.

28 Dec 2013

To continue on the lovely dishes and different kind of food Spain has to offer, we will be talking about the typical dishes, which can’t be forgotten during your stay in Spain. And for now, we’ll focus on Córdoba, just two and a half hour-driving away from Sevilla and with her own character.

Getting confused by all the new and unknown names of the different dishes, while reading the menu card in a (local) tapas bar in Córdoba? We will help you out! Dishes such as gazpacho,salmorejoajo blancoflamenquín en cordero a la miel are typical Spanish, each of them with a different taste.

Salmorejo is a common dish in Sevilla, but originating from Córdoba and can’t be missing on the menu card. A good Salmorejo is a purée made out of tomatoes, bread, oil, garlic and vinegar. The purée is served cold and most of the time served with Serrano Ham.
Ajoblanco (or ajo blanco) sometimes referred to as “white gazpacho” and originally from Granada and Málaga, is a popular cold soup made out of bread, crushed almonds, garlic, water, olive oil, salt and sometimes vinegar. This dish gets a Mediterranean look while served with grapes or slices of melon.



Typical from Córdoba is flamenquín, with a rich history, created in the 1950s in a restaurant in the city of Andújar (Jaén). The name translates literally to ‘little Fleming’, which refers to that its golden color, made from the eggs used in the batter, resembled the blond hair of the Flemings who came to Spain accompanying the Emperor Charles V. But also cordero a la miel finds his roots in Córdoba, with Arabic influences.



Find some good tapas bars at Plaza de la Corredera, a historic plaza, which used to be a port of the Circo Romano, but is now famous for the many restaurants, cafes and bars. El Sótano (Plaza Corredera 1) is one of the first bars at this plaza. Sit on the terrace and enjoy the Spanish food, with a variety of tapas and other dishes. Don’t forgot to try the gazpacho here!


(Plaza de la Corredera)

In the center you can find some good tapas bars as well of course. Delorean (Calle de Alfonso XIII) is a known one. Find here some flamenquín balls,and enjoy free a tapa with every beer. The one, which is recommended by Lonely Planet, is Casa Mazal (Calle Tomás Conde 3), a Jewish restaurant nearby Casa de Sefarad museum and brings the Sephardic tradition to the table, with different sort of dishes on the menu.

A good tip from us is, to visit taberna La Bodega at Calle Alhaken II (next to the entrance of the Colón hotel. Absolutely try the Salmorejo here!

Last but not least while being in Córdoba, visit a Hammam (baños arabes), relax from a long day full with taste experiences. ;)

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