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The Typical Sevillian: Southern Spanish Stereotypes

15 Oct 2018

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to introduce you to the stereotype of the Sevillanos (the people who live in Sevilla). I will tell you a little bit about their habits in this blog. Enjoy reading this blog!

In General 

In general the people in Sevilla are happy people. They know how to live their life to the fullest and they enjoy every little thing. The Sevillianos are hard workers and they are really friendly. Of course there are also people in Sevilla who are the opposite, but this happens all around the world. You can not describe a person in a city just by a few words, because everyone is different. 


The people in Sevilla have a lot of patience. Everything goes very slow. For example, if you go to a bank, bar or restaurant you will notice that everything goes slower than what people from Northern Europe might be used to. Yet I've never in my life seen people work harder or faster than they do in some of the bars and restaurants here when things are getting busy. So to conclude: the people over here might seem slow, but when the restaurant for example gets busy, they work harder.

“No hablo Inglès?!” 

A lot of people in Sevilla can not speak English. So that makes it very difficult for you to order something in a restaurant. Try in your best Spanish to order your food and drinks and than you will steal their hearts, because the Sevillian people do really appreciate it when you take the effort to talk Spanish to them.

Personal Space 

Your personal space in Sevilla has a much smaller buffer zone. Bumping into or brushing by a person on the street requiers a quick perdón and genereally nothing more.You would almost think that it is normal to walk to another person over here in Sevilla, but this is just how the Sevillanos are, they have a much smaller buffer zone.

Siësta Time 

If you ask foreign people about the Sevillianos, they will say that the Sevillianos are lazy. But this is not true. From my experience over here in Sevilla, I’ve seen that a lot of Sevillianos do not go to have a power nap in their siësta, but instead they go to the bar to consume some drinks with alcohol, like a beer or a wine. They go over there with their colleagues or with their friends/family to make their afternoon cozy together. Want to know more about the siësta in Sevilla? Watch this vlog made by our colleagues Loek and Alex!