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Vegan hotspots in Seville!

17 Nov 2019


When you eat vegan, Seville might seem like an impossible destination for a city trip. The locals love their montaditos with Jamón Ibérico and every menu seems to be filled with meat and fish. But in the past couple of years, a few vegan spots have opened and more and more restaurants implement vegan (and vegetarian) options in their menu! You can use this blog as a guide for the vegan hotspots in Seville! Not all options are an all-vegan restaurant, some have meat on the menu as well.





1. Veganitessen
This cruelty-free restaurant is located inside Mercado del Arenal. A must-try here is the Spanish tortilla or Mextilla, a typical Spanish tapa that is usually made with eggs, but here you can find the vegan alternative! Another recommendation is the Nachos Veganitessen, a big plate full of nachos, guacamole, spiced tofu and much more! Besides tapas, burgers, wraps and cakes, they also offer a great variety of beers and organic drinks!

2. Veganeat
At this place, you can only take-out, so if you feel like eating along the riverside or in one of the beautiful parks, this is the perfect option! They have different burgers, montaditos and even sweet options such as pies. They are located at Calle Correduria 7.


3. Puro & BioVegan yogurt bowl at Bubble and Roll
If you are in Seville in the hot summer, you are probably dying for some good ice cream. Unfortunately, not all ice cream stores have their flavors labeled with ingredients, so it might seem like an impossible task to score vegan ice cream. At Puro & Bio they have vegan flavors labeled and don’t forget to ask for the vegan cone! A recommendation is the dark chocolate ice cream! They have multiple locations in Seville so check it out if you’re here!

4. Bubble & Roll
Feeling like eating something sweet? At Bubble & Roll they are mostly specialized in the bubble waffles that you will see a lot here in the city. Unfortunately, these are not vegan. But they do have vegan brownies and vegan cookies. If you are looking for breakfast, they have a vegan bowl with plant-based yogurt, oats and seasonal fruits. A great breakfast to start an adventurous day here in the city!

5. The Good Burger
Are you done with all the tapas in Seville and looking for some typical fast food? Not too long ago, The Good Burger introduced the vegan burger on their menu, using the well-known ‘beyond meat’. They also have some salad bowls that you could veganize, but the options are limited. The Good Burger has different locations in the city.

6. Locanda di Andrea 
Besides all the Spanish restaurants, close to the Alameda de Hercules you will find the Italian restaurant Locanda di Andrea. They have some vegan labeled options on their menu such as the red pesto gnocchi, vegetable soup of the day and crostini with mushrooms. There are not many options, but because the flavor is outstanding, we would love to recommend this place.

Other options
The six options mentioned above are just a few examples of the great vegan options here in Seville. When you visit the city, we recommend downloading the app ‘Happy Cow’. This app shows you all the restaurants and stores that have vegetarian and vegan options and makes it a lot easier to search for some delicious meals. Enjoy your trip to vegan-friendly Seville!