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Vineyards in Andalusia

05 Oct 2020

Spain is a country where wine is of great importance. For Andalusians and the rest of Spain a meal is not complete without a bottle of good wine, also called 'vino' in Spanish. For special occasions they will serve their 'reservas' which are bottles of wine with the best quality. In this blog, we will tell you all about the history of wine in Andalusia and where to go.

Since 1100 BC, people from the region Andalusia started to produce their own wine. This interest in wine arose when the Greeks introduced them 2.500 years ago to the special beverage made from grapes. During this time a lot of wine was generated from Andalusia and exported to Europe. Their wine was a success. The reason behind this is their top quality and origin of sherry which was very popular among the English people.

Until this day, the production of wine is still executed with a lot of passion. Do you know that almost every province in Andalusia grows grapes? This leads to over 40.000 hectares of vineyards in Andalusia! Their passion results in a continuous production of high quality wines. Do you want to purchase such a wine? Then look for their particular quality mark 'Denominación de Origen (D.O.)'.

One of the most important wine producing areas of Andalusia is Jerez. Out of the whole wine production in Spain over half comes from here. This area has such a high production capacity since the climate is perfect with dry summers and high temperatures. Worldwide Jerez is also known for its sherry wine in all sorts of varieties.

Seville belongs to one of the provinces in Andalusia which produces wine. While visiting Seville there are multiple options to explore the taste of different wines by visiting wine bars throughout the city. Do you like to enjoy unexpected wines and surprising pairings with an amazing surrounding? You will like 'Lama La Uva'. Visit their website to see what they offer via

Are you a wine lover who wants to explore the wine bars in Seville while also exploring the city? Rent a bike to cruise around and stop at the amazing highlights during your trip and enjoy the taste of wine in one of the wine bars. For more information about renting a bike visit our website via