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A visit to Acuario de Sevilla!

22 Oct 2019

Whether you are coming to Seville with kids or not, definitely take some time to visit the impressive Acuario de Sevilla, located next to the river, close to the well-known Maria Luisa Park where we cycle during our daily bike tours. Dive into the experience of another species during your stay in Seville! They are open every day from 10:00 until 19:00 and tickets can be bought on their website or at the desk but then you pay 1 euro extra per ticket. 

It takes about 1-2 hours to see the whole aquarium. You walk in glass tunnels so you can see the fish, the shark and even the turtle swimming above you. You can take beautiful pictures here as well, so definitely bring your camera! But what is there to see and to do here in the Aquarium? We’ll tell you! 

Picture of one of the reptiles

Educational environment 
First of all, the aquarium is a beautiful educational center where they provide much information about the types of fish, where they live and what they eat. Information is provided in Spanish as well as in English and supported by videos and pictures. You can learn here more about fish, but also about global warming, the environmental impact of overfishing and plastic soup. 

Magellan’s voyage 
The aquarium shows the journey Magellan and his crew followed when they departed from Seville in 1519. They were planning on going to the Moluccan Islands but eventually, they found new lands such as the Philippines where Magellan himself eventually lost his life. After three years at sea, only 18 of the sailors returned to Seville. The whole journey is very impressive and in the aquarium,  you can learn more about the environments and ecosystems they passed and what foods they brought on their journey. 

Jellyfish exhibition 
During his travels, Magellan also saw many jellyfish in the depths of the ocean. At the moment the Acuario de Sevilla is presenting the most intimate jellyfish exhibition in years! You can admire more than 10 species of jellyfish and by reading the educational posters you learn more about these animals that are formed by 95% water. Picture of one of the fish in the aquarium

Ecosystems and species 
The aquarium has 6 themed areas: Guadalquivir, Atlantic, Rainforest, Oceanarium, Indo-pacific, and Other Areas. 400 different aquatic species inhabit these 6 themed areas. Discover the biodiversity of these habitats! You can, for example, observe some of the species of reptiles in the Rainforest, the well-known clownfish (From Finding Nemo) in the Indo-Pacific area and sea turtles and shark species in the deepest tank which contains 2 million liters of water! 

The aquarium is a perfect place to go on a rainy day or when you are on holiday with kids! Book your tickets online so you save some money and can skip the line!