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Weird laws in Spain

18 Jan 2019

Hello everyone! Have you ever heard about some of the weird laws of Spain? No? Well, they have some weird laws which will make you frown and smile, all at the same time. Curious? Continue reading!

Keep underwear inside

In Seville, the government does not want you to hang particular chlotes outside at the drying line, like underwear. When it is summer your chlotes will dry very fast when you put them outside, because the sun will dry them, but this does not count for your underwear because you have to dry these inside since it is illegal to hang your underwear oudside. The city laws state that you cannot hang anything indecent outside.

Flip flops and driving

It is illegal in Spain to drive when you are wearing flip flops. Well, this is not stated literally in the law, but when a police officer sees you are wearing flip flops while driving, he can give you a penalty when he thinks it is not a safe situation. Article 17.1 of the Spanish law states: ¨Drivers should always take full control and responsibility for their vehicles¨ and article 18.1 states: "The driver of a vehicle is responsible to ensure their own safety, the safety of other occupants and other road users. For this reason, a good driving position must be ensured". These two statements in the law can give you a penalty for wearing flip flops while driving. Because this is a weird law, there are a lot of debates on the internet online. You can read one here. 


You live in Spain and you want to call your new born girl Mandarina, well, that is not possible. The Spanish law states that it is illegal to call your child as a fruit.


In Cadiz it is illegal to throw rice to the newly weds after their wedding ceramony. The rice throwing is a common tradition to do when pepople just got wed, but in Cadiz you can´t do this. They made this illegal, because several persons tripped over the rice and got injured. (how is this possible.... rice is so small!)

You can't drink anywhere

In our latest blog we told you that a lot of youngsters do Botellon, but these youngsters who do this, should watch out for the police because in Spain it it illegal to drink alcohol anywhere you want.

Can't walk too many dogs

Imagine, you really love dogs so you have 10 dogs asa a pet at your home, you have to let the dogs out because they also have their needs, but than you realize that the law in Spain says you can´t walk too many dogs at the same time! If you have eight or more dogs on your leesh, then you are doing something illegal and you can get a penalty when the police catches you.