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What Really Is The Spanish Siesta?

08 Aug 2018


When you think about Spain, you think about Siesta. It’s one of the most famous stereotypes about Spanish culture. But what does Siesta mean? A lot of people think that Siesta born in Spain but it’s false. Indeed, in the Romanian empire, people were already making siesta. Moreover, Siesta comes from the Romanian sixth hour. Currently, siesta is a bad topic about Spain because Spanish people are considered as lazy people, however, only 16 % of Spanish people make siesta, worst Spanish government want to delete it.

The Siesta in Spain

Siesta is widespread especially in the south of Spain, when the summertime is hot. Therefore, a lot of shops are closed between 2 PM and 5PM. During this time, streets seem to be dead. It’s a little bit weird for tourists who are not used to it. However, it’s a good thing for them in that they can visit monuments meanwhile Spanish people are sleeping and can enjoy when the town is calmer.

The Siesta in the others European country

Because siesta has been demonstrated as good for health, other European countries as Germany, France or Belgium have introduced it during work to be more efficient. Indeed, 22% of German people do a nap during work, which is with English people the country where siesta is more done. Now, siesta bars where you pay for sleeping during a while have appeared in Madrid, Paris or Brussels. What was funny with Spanish people who had a reputation of lazy people is now funny for others European Country who have implemented it.