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Where to go on new years in Sevilla?

28 Dec 2018

This year has almost come to an end, and 2019 is around the corner! So this time we have written a blog for you with a couple of activities you could do with new years in Sevilla! 

There is so much to do and see in Seville all year round, and this is no different around New Years. First off, we will discuss the afternoon activities of the 31st of December. Secondly we would like to tell you about the nightlife during new years eve in Sevilla and last but not least we would like to tell you about the activities you can do at the 1st of January in Seville.

Activities on the 31st of December

There is no better way than to say adios to 2018 by having a very good meal. A lot of restaurants throughout the city are offering a special holiday menu. You could choose everything, either healthy or some wining and dining. To make sure you have a spot in a restaurant, make a reservation for a table in advance! This is a very busy evening for all the restaurants in Sevilla, so this way it is sure you will be having a spot at a restaurant to enjoy some delicious culinary food.

Activities at 00:00

But what is the place to be to celebrate the inauguration of the new year at midnight?
You can go to Plaza Nueva. Plaza Nueva is beautifully decorated and at the stroke of midnight, the locals of Sevilla will pop 12 grapes into their mouths, one for each chime of the clock. By doing this, you will get good luck in the new year, so it is definitely worth trying to do this! You can read more about the 12 grapes here.
If you really enjoy fireworks, you can go to the Gualdivir river to enjoy a spectacular firework show. Here is an example of this firework show.
A lot of nightclubs are also open during the stroke of midnight. I will give you some examples.


Some advantages of spending New Year's Eve at the Casino is that they have a conditioned terrace and they will make several raffles throughout the night. If you get your early ticket to € 35 you will have an open bar, but you have to hurry because tickets are limited.


If you do not want to risk a place where you get a jug that makes you hangover until January 31, Caramelo is a good option to spend a good New Year's Eve in Seville. If you take the advance ticket for € 35, you will have a free bar of top brands all night, with sandwiches and special shows.

Activities on the 1st day of 2019

Because you are probably very tired and/or hungover, you want to take it easy on the first day of 2019.
You can have a great brunch at the Alfonso XIII hotel with lots of fruits and natural juices, bread, traditional pastries, and homemade sweets. It also includes sausages, national and international cheeses, salads and crudites. Among the hot dishes are the a la carte eggs, Provencal tomatoes and courgettes, sausages, sausage bacon and loin, marinated potatoes and garlic mushrooms.
At Prado de San Sebastian parc there is an ice rink and a fair. It is nice to visit this place with your child(ren) or to get the inner child out of yourself! Enjoy the sun while ice skating at the ice rink and enjoy some fair food, like caramelized apples. Still to hungover from last night? Don´t worry! The ice rink and fair will be at the Prado de San Sebastian parc until the 5th of January!

We hope you enjoy your New Year's Eve (in Seville or wherever you are in the world) and would like to wish you all a very happy and active New Year! See you in 2019!