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This Year's Christmas Celebrations in Seville

10 Dec 2018

Hello everyone!

In this blog, I will tell you about this year's Christmas celebrations in Seville. But why should you choose Seville as the place where you want to celebrate your Christmas? Well, that's an easy one! Seville is, generally agreed, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe has world-class sights and they have a thriving food culture. Furthermore, the weather over here in Seville is also quite warm during the Christmas (in comparison to other cities in Europe). Because of the nice weather, it is really nice to enjoy the beautiful streets of Seville with their unique atmosphere.

Are there any special holiday decorations in the city?

The answer to this question is yes, yes and YES! Everywhere where you are, there is Chrismas light, see the picture for an example of the city hall of Seville full of Christmas lights. The Christmas lights make the city very cheerful and create a great atmosphere during the night.
Seville's City Hall

At Puerta de Jerez there is a very big lightful Christmas tree which stands out in the crowd of the city.
Inside Seville's Christmas Tree

Are there any special holiday events in the city?

There are many special Christmas events in Seville, so I will tell you about the most special ones in this blog!

Event for children

In the city center of Seville there will be multiple Christmas workshop for children. Workshops where, for example, they can create and design Christmas decorations for their Christmas tree.

Events for the whole family

There will be a Disney exposition for the whole family arranged by CaixaForum. At this exposition, there will be a lot of Disney figures which the children will like and for the grown ups, there will be a lot of information about the art of storytelling. So this is fun to visit for the whole family!
A different exposition, An Animal turned Inside Out, is also very interesting for the whole family. During this exposition, you will see the inside of different animals.
All over the city there will be different Christmas theaters. At the Las Setas (the big wooden mushroom), Alameda, Meastranza and Cajasol.
There is also the possibility to go ice skating and to go off an amazing snow glide in Seville! You can do this at Alameda de Hercules, Puerta de Jerez and Prado de San Sebastian. 

How do the Sevillians celebrate Christmas?

Just like every other person all over the world, the Sevillians celebrate Christmas with a lot of food (read: jamón). They begin on the 24th of December with Christmas Eve. This is when they enjoy a nice dinner with their entire family. The next day, the 25th of December, the Sevillians have a good (and long) sleep. When they wake up, they have a big breakfast with a lot of food again and after everything is finished, the Sevillians go to the city center to walk around the city with their family and enjoy all of the events that are going on. In the evening of the 25th, they will eat a lot of food again with their family and enjoy Christmas together. Also, the Sevillians buy presents for each other in the family, but it depends by the family if they open these gifts the 24th of the 25th.

Tell us. Will you be visiting Seville for Christmas? Merry Christmas from us to you!