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Yvette Joins Our Team!

23 Feb 2019

Hi! I am Yvette and I am a 22 year old Dutch girl! I study management tourism, specializing in tour guiding at the Breda University. I love studying tourism because I get to travel a lot while learning so much about different destinations which is great! My next big adventure takes place here in Seville, this will be my first time living alone abroad and also my first internship.

Why I chose ATD?

Before I started to look for an internship, I had already heard of ATD since they hire many interns from my university, so when time came for me to look for a company, I had ATD in the back of my mind. The reason I chose to apply was because I knew ATD is a small company with not too many people which I like and because I thought giving bike tours to people around this beautiful city would be a lot fun.

Now that I am here, I see that my colleagues are very nice, they take their job very seriously but there is also always time for a joke! The daily bike tours are fantastic, I'm having a lot of fun showing our clients around this amazing city. 

Why Seville?

When I was in the first year of my studies, I went on a study trip to Andalucia. During that trip, we visited Granada and Seville. On the first day of being in Seville, I already absolutely loved the city and that is when I knew that I had to come back one day. It was especially the buildings that stuck with me, the Cathedral, Real Alcazar and my personal favorite Plaza Espana. I visit it almost every day now and I am still surprised by how beautiful it looks. I also like the atmosphere here in Seville, and of course the delicious food. The only thing I still have to get used to now is siesta time but once it gets warmer, I probably won't go outside anyway.

I am very excited to get to know Andalucia more during the five months that I will be here since I am planning on traveling a lot and I am eager to gain a lot of tour guiding experience while working at ATD.

See you soon!