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03 Nov 2017


Food is everywhere in Seville, from tapas to burgers and pizza’s to meats. But where can you find local foods? Local products? Are there any better places than the local supermarkets where you can shop fresh local products?

….. Yes!! There are, actually a lot. Because Seville is still so traditional, you will find a lot of mercado’s as we call them in Spain. This simply means markets. Indoor markets. Those are the best. There are 2 very good ones actua...

29 Oct 2017


At the beautiful square, Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, there is a lot to see. The one thing that stands out and screams for your attention is the enormous cathedral with its high Giralda tower. Next to that you have the...

10 Oct 2017


Seville is a very large city, one of the largest in Spain to be exact. So were there a lot of people and tourists here, the city also attracts a lot of students. Students from everywhere in Spain and Seville itself. But also a large amount of international students from everywhere from the globe, usually here with Erasmus. And of course as a student you want to party in a club, have a great night in one of the bars in the centre or you just want to relax somewhere in the...

02 Oct 2017

In Seville we have a lot of national and local holidays. Many of them are well known and therefore also familiar with the tourists that come to Andalucía. Others are a little less familiar than the famous ones but they still have the importance, a lot of (important) history, for Seville of the region of Andalucía, and big parties in the centre of Seville. A perfect example of a holiday like that is Columbus Day that is celebrated very largely in...

02 Oct 2017


"Do you speak English?" This is the first thing you ask when you here in Seville. At least it was the first thing I asked a lot of people here in Seville because my Spanish was not very good yet. Unfortunately a very very few people did speak English. This is actually very weird for me as a North-European. Because I am used to everybody around me speaking English. But still, for Spain as an European country and for Seville as the city of...

29 Sep 2017


What are the differences between Spain and Germany? Well actually there are a lot of (cultural) differences, but if we had to describe all the differences; you wouldn’t finish this text within a couple of minutes. We want you to think about the first difference that pops up to your head. Take your time. For me it is the food, but for you that could be something else. Why did I come up with the food?

Food is a very important thing in life. You have to feed yourself to stay alive. This is a primary need. Wherever you ...

25 Sep 2017


The Dutch staff of Andalucía Tours and Discovery

As many of you may know, Andalucía Tours and Discovery is a very international company. We are originally founded by a Spaniard but if you visit our shop you will soon notice that there is almost nothing Spanish to be seen or hear. The office language is mainly English and Dutch because most of the employees and interns are from Holland. For us that is a good thing because we have a lot of clients from Holland or Belgium...

18 Sep 2017
bike sunset


At Andalucia Tours and Discovery we have over 10 years of experience with bikes, tours and everything that has to do with Sevill...

08 Sep 2017


¡Hola!, We are Omer and Rico, and we are both doing our internships at ATD Spain. For us, there is no such thing as the feeling of
guiding people through the wonderful city of Seville. We would like to enjoy and discover Seville together with you!
And seeing such beautiful history day in day out is actually amazing. I just told you our names, but you might want to
know a little more about your guides right?

Well let me start, my name is Omer and I’m Dutchman from Holland. Born and raised in Enschede,...

28 Aug 2017


So, I’ve been in working at Seville for quite some time now – five months to be exact. But unfortunately, all good things will come to an end. I have finished my internship now, and in a few days I’ll be going back home to the Netherlands.

But, before I leave, I wanted to share some of my favourite places in the city with you! Of course, I’m not going to name all of them, because that are just too much to mention. But here are three of my most favourite places in Seville!