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14 Aug 2017


My favourite places in Seville

Hola a todos! I am Marlies and I've been living in Seville for several months now, but unfortunately, it is time for me to go back home again, to Belgium. Since I know the city quite well now, people have asked me what my all-time favourite place in the city is. Can you imagine that this question is incredibely hard and that I just cann...

07 Aug 2017


Doing my internship in Seville: how I learnt to speak Andalusian! 



01 Aug 2017



You are crazy about cinema? Then you should absolutely go to Andalusia! 

There is a place in Spain where the dreams of all film-lovers come true : Andalusia ! A lot of famous movies and series where shot in Spain in this incredible region.


Almería: a real time machine!...

21 Jul 2017

Buenos Dias ! I am Marlies from Belgium and currently, I am doing a summer internship in Spain. A few months ago, I decided to give it a shot and sign up for a job in Seville, Spain. BEST DECISION EVER! Every morning, I get up and get ready to go to the shop of Andalucía Tours and Discovery, for taking people with me on a bike trip through the city. We visit many different places, and because we are doing the tour by bike, the clients get the chance to form an overall image of the city and I can enjoy the m...

17 Jul 2017


Looking for things to do in Seville? Rent a bike! Seville is a really nice city to cycle in and to cycling tours! This is because there are bike lanes almost everywhere plus there aren’t many hills in Seville. This is why, amongst the Sevillians, the bicycle is one of the most-used modes of transportation. Seville really is a bicycle paradise!



The Sevillians are still getting used to the two-wheelers going through the city, because the bicycles haven’t been in the city for...

12 Jul 2017



You wanted to spend some time in Barcelona this summer but you finally ended up in the smaller and less famous city of Malaga, in Andalusia ? You could enjoy your holidays just as much. Here is a little comparison: Barcelona vs Malaga!

Two cities built on the sea


03 Jul 2017


During the summer, southern Spain gets extremely hot. So when visiting Seville, many tourists make sure they find a hotel with a swimming pool. If you didn’t book a stay with the opportunity to do some swimming in seville, you can always visit an aquatic park or a public swimming pool. You can go to the Mairena Piscina for example. There you can chill by the pool all day, after paying the entrance fee of 7 euros for...

26 Jun 2017


Buenos dias amigos!

My name is Konstantina I'm eighteen years old and I'm from Greece. I study travel and tourism in London and i will soon be going to university to expand my knowledge on the subject. My college every year organizes a trip to Seville, Spain for the last years as a goodbye trip since it's their last year. In this trip we get a four week placement in a local company usually based in the city. I am taking part in this trip this year and I am very happy I did. Seville is a wonderful city full of culture and...

18 Jun 2017


Seville during the day is very pretty, but during the night it's also amazing! Want some inspiration for things to do at night in Seville, then read carefully!

1. Calle Betis

Around 2 in the afternoon, all the bars at Calle Betis open their doors. Then you will have a beautiful view of the Guadalquivir, the Puente de Triana and the Torre del Oro. Calle Betis is especially popular in the summer and warmer months for those looking to cool off by the river, you will get a nice breeze from the ri...

17 Jun 2017


Happy Fathers Day! Every day of the year should be like Father’s Day, where you shower you dad with all the love in the world! But if you want to do something nice for him on this specific day, to thank him for everything he does for you, then definitely read carefully!

Here are three thigs to do on Father's Day!


1. Visit the soccer stadiums

Most dads really LOVE soccer, and as you may know, Seville has two soccer teams, Sevilla FC and Real Betis. And best of...