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12 Mar 2014

The Internationale Tourismus Börse was also this year very busy with over 60.000 visitors from Germany. People that booked their summer holidays, city trips and activities outside the country on the biggest international tourism fair.  

Andalucía Tours and Dreams was one of the 114.000 professionals from hotels, touroperators and destination companies visiting this fair to present its new pr...

03 Mar 2014

Check this out: 


26 Feb 2014

In honor of this famous flamenco artist from Cádiz and his enormous contribution to the world of flamenco, please enjoy this video:


¡Paco, que descanses en Paz! - R.I.P. 

19 Feb 2014

A Choripan is a sausage called chorizo (say: tjoriso) between some bread (pan). 

Couldn´t be clearer, a very inventive name. So if you would like to check out

what this VERY Andalusian tradition is about, head to the Sarmiento Park

of Cordoba the 15th of March (whole day). Here you can taste this traditional dish

at the "Festival Mundial del Choripán" (World Festival of Choripan) 

There will be 60 bbq...

16 Feb 2014

Hit your local pub and watch tv with the Sevillians ;)

16 Feb 2014

One of our guides making the tour!

Four languages 

Meet Elena (37), a Spanish woman who speaks three more languages besides Spanish, namely English, German (thanks to her Erasmus time in  Berlin) and French. Speaking different and many languages is one of the skills you need to have to work as a guide. Her (beloved) city is Sevilla  and that’s also why she ch...

11 Feb 2014

carnaval cadiz

Join the parade in Cadiz. Carnaval starts the 27th of February and

lasts until the 9th of March. Almost 2 weeks of party in the streets

of this Meditteranean city!! Don´t miss this "fiesta" and sing

along with the "chirigotas", songs to make fun of politics, the crisis


10 Feb 2014

Check out the new pictures of our ham-route (mjummy) on our Facebook page:



10 Feb 2014


While not everybody might know what Nordic Walking exactly is, its popularity has increases a lot the last few years. Starting with the purpose of training for cross-country skiers, Nordic walking became more normal under other sportive types. And with all the benefits that this sport bring you (such as increasing more consumption of energy while walking and it helps you having a better balance) and the easy learning of this sport, we find it kind of logical that this sport is so popular.


05 Feb 2014

In Málaga, during our tour, we hear a lot of talking about "boquerones". 

After a while, our guides found out that this word, that means "anchovies" is given 

to the people from Málaga. No one really knows why, but probably it is because                                 

the "Malagueños" talk so much about food and the especially like the anchovies

in vinagre!