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Spanish cuisine

15 mai 2023

On holiday to Spain? We'll help you with dishes you can find on the menu:

A typical Spanish dish which, depending on the region, contains the following main ingredients: Rice, seafood such as fish and crustaceans, chicken pieces, tomato base, white beans, slicing beans and saffron. An important part is that the rice is cooked in the stock of fish and crustaceans or chicken. In analucia, similar dishes are also simply called 'árroz' 'rice' and often prepared with rabbit meat.


is a cold soup of raw vegetables and herbs, usually with tomato, and original also without meat or broth. This soup is usually drunk from a glass, it is a very healthy and cooling side dish.

Tortilla de patatas

This Spanish tortilla is a thick omelet of egg, potatoes, olive oil and is often taken out. The tortillas are served with whiskey sauce or alioli and usually also eaten a lot on bread. A so-called bocadillo con tortilla.


In Spain, too, they have a common croquette, but here they are a little smaller.
The Spanish food culture also has several typical features, which I will also tell you:

- Olive oil is widely used; Spain is the largest olive oil producer in the world.
- The most important flavors are onions, garlic, and parsley.
- Spaniards eat 2x warm food, around 15:00 and around 22:00.
- Drinking wine with meals, Spain is the 3rd largest wine producer in the world.
- The purchase of products from markets and specialty stores.
- High use of fish and seafood compared to other European countries.
- Tapas food, this is usually eaten from 12:00 to midnight, but is rarely eaten as a full meal.
- Bread can't miss a hot meal.