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New intern from Belgium; Maxime!

04 mei 2019

¡Hola todos! ¿Cómo estás?

I’m Maxime, the new intern at Andalucía Tours and Discovery. I’m 20 years old and from one of the smallest countries in Europe, Belgium!

Some interesting and maybe less interesting facts about me are that I’m currently a student of Tourism and Recreation management at VIVES University in Bruges. So, I basically study how to make people have the best vacation possible! I truly love these studies and wish they could go on forever. I also studied tourism in high school, just couldn’t get enough of it. I always wanted to live in different countries all over the world - this will hopefully be the first of many.

This is me:


Why ATD?

In our final year we get to choose between a lot of destinations and companies for our final internship before graduating. For me; this biking company jumped out instantly because of multiple reasons. First, there is the fact that I really wanted to go abroad to a vibrant city that had lots to offer and was sun assured. Seville combines both off those things perfectly. Second, I have always wanted to become a guide, during my education I always chose courses having to do with guiding. I have guided before in different cities for school, some examples are Bruges and Barcelona. In this internship they will allow me to guide groups of people who are really interested in hearing the amazing stories about this city which I will happily tell.

Third, but certainly also important, is the fact that cycling is my favorite hobby. I have loved it since I was little - it doesn’t matter how big the distance is, I will always choose my bike above any other way of transport. This internship will give me the opportunity to cycle every day through the most beautiful scenery. So, in the end I get to do all the things that I love in one internship. It is truly a dream come true!


Why Sevilla?

I’m just going to answer the same thing as I did when applying for this internship, because now that I’m here every thought I had about this city seems to be true. To me this city is the first one I think about when I need to give an example of a city with the typical Spanish atmosphere and way of life. I had been in several cities in the north of Spain such as Girona and Barcelona, but they don’t come anywhere near Seville in that area. What I truly love about this city is that even when you live here, as I do now, you still have the feeling that you’re on a vacation. Of course, that’s partly because of the weather, but also the way of life here, which is so relaxed and fun - people don’t worry about anything. I have noticed that way of living is easy to get used to. It is a very bustling city with something new to discover around every corner.


I come from a small medieval city called Bruges, you might have heart of it? Seville really reminds me of it in some ways - there are also a lot of bridges, magnificent historic buildings and of course small streets that could make you lose your way in an instant. I have gladly replaced my typical Belgian beer, fries and chocolate with sangria, tapas and churros.

I was so excited coming here and since I got here, I just feel more excited. I have only been here for a little while and time is going so fast at the moment. I’m certain these will be the most spectacular months of my life up to now. I can’t wait to meet and guide all the fantastic clients that come through this company every day. If you choose to visit Seville, there can be no doubt on doing a bike tour with us! It is THE WAY to visit Seville. If you choose to join us on a spectacular tour, you might even meet me!