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Meet Lars!

08 Sep 2019

Hello everybody!

My name is Lars Deen and I’m 19 years young! I will be the newest intern at Andalucía Tours and Discovery. I live in Wognum a small town in the Netherlands. I’m currently studying Entrepreneurship in Hoorn, so me doing my internship at this company will maybe give ideas about starting my own company in the tourism sector. I have always been a person who has loved sports and doing all sorts of stuff outdoors. Good thing I will be outdoors riding my bicycle for the next 10 weeks :)! 


Why Spain/Sevilla?

Spain has always been a country I wanted to visit, so when I got the chance to pick any country for my  internship abroad, I started looking for companies in Spain. Besides wanting to go to Spain really badly, I also really like the Spanish language. This was another reason why I chose Spain over other countries. And of course the weather here played a role in picking the country I was going to. I also picked Sevilla because of the culture and how beautiful it is! 


Why ATD?

At school we got the opportunity to do an internship abroad, this is not something you get to do a lot. So I knew I had to take this opportunity and find a suitable company in a country I’ve always wanted to visit. So when I was looking on the internet for companies I was having a hard time finding something that really caught my eye. Eventually I found ATD, after looking through the website I knew where I wanted to go. I mainly picked ATD because I wanted to do an internship where I can actually do something fun and exciting.


That’s all about me! Maybe we will see each other soon!