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The journey to the “new normality”: Phase 3

16 Jun 2020

The way to the new normal goes in Spain on the basis of different phases, 0 - 3, after which the “nueva normalidad” is reached. In phase 0, for example, we were allowed to take a walk again within certain time-zones. In phase 1 we were able to enjoy some tapas on a terrace again, and from phase 2 we are able to go to the beach and we can go shopping in the malls now. Just over half of Spain have meanwhile switched from phase 2 to phase 3. The central Spanish government has no control over this anymore, all the autonomous regions can decide when they go to the next phase. The government just has the final say about this. Also, Seville went to phase 3, but what does this mean? What can we do? And what is still not allowed?

"No specific time-zones anymore!"

The specific time periods for the various age groups have been dropped. Everyone can go outside at any time they want. In phase 3, it is also allowed to come together with twenty people. However, one must always maintain social distance, which is two meters in Spain. These meetings can be for example at home, in your own garden, on the terrace, and in a park. Also, nightclubs are allowed to open again in this stage, but only with one-third of the normal permitted capacity.

"Not allowed to dance?"

So, the nightclubs in Seville are open again, however, people are not allowed to dance. In addition, traveling outside the autonomous regions is still not allowed. We can only travel within our own region, Andalusia. After phase three, we’ve reached the “new normal”. In general, this will be on the 21st of June. Then the post-corona measures are in effect. So Face masks and social-distancing, for example, will still be very important.

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