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6 Romantic things to do in Seville

06 Sep 2016

1. Visit Maria Luisa Park
First of all the Maria Luisa Park is the park of Maria Luisa herself, but on 18 April 1914 it was donated to the Spanish public. This park is now famous for the wonderful gardens and the colourful flowers. It is a way to spend a perfect romantic day together. In the Maria Luisa Park there are many romantic places. For example you could pay a visit Ofelia Nieto and the Monte Gurugú.

Ofelia Nieto
Ofelia Nieto is a woman who declined the offer of a rose from a gypsy. The gypsy told her she will never get married. Unfortunately it came true, because the day Ofelia was supposed to get married her man left her standing alone at the altar. Now the tradition is that the man should stand on the left to touch the rose, that you can find in the park, and the woman should stand on the right to touch the rose if they want to live happily married forever. Only then their love will survive.

Monte Gurugú
Next to the place Ofelia Nieto you can find a place called Monte gurugú. This is a place where the legend is that when a man and a woman have their first kiss together on top of the place, the love can and will survive anything.

2. Row your boat in Plaza de España
Plaza de España is known as one of the most romantic places in Seville. It was built in 1929 and is nowadays a part of the Maria Luisa Park. The Plaza de España is a lovely place to go to during the day but also at night. By day there is a possibility to rent a boat and with this you can see Plaza de España from a whole other different view. The building is even more stunning at night, because then the building will light up and the place is even much more romantic.

Plaza de España

3. Enjoy Real Alcázar
Besides the Maria Luisa Park and the Plaza de España, Real Alcázar shouldn't be forgotten. The royal palace is one of the oldest European royal palaces that is still used. It is almost as old as the Alhambra in Granada and is placed on the UNESCO World heritage list in 1987.

The palace has impressive and gorgeous gardens to offer. Though these gardens are impressive to see, it is also a nice way to have a walk in a restful and peaceful environment.

Real Alcazar

4. Carriage Ride
Another romantic thing to do is the carriage ride. Horse-drawn carriage rides are getting more and more popular in Seville. A walk can be romantic, but what is more romantic than a carriage ride when you are discovering the city together.

5. Flamenco show
The flamenco has its origins in Andalusia. It is not only a way of life for some people where they can express themselves, it is also really romantic to see it. The way people express themselves in this music is interesting to see. Which place is better to see it then in the heart of Seville.  Are you interested, you can book a flamenco course at Andalucía Tours and Discovery.

Flamenco show

6. View the Las Setas
The Las Setas, also known as the Metropol Parasol or the mushrooms is an multifunctional building from the architect Jürgen Mayer. Paying a visit to the view of the Las Setas, will be worth the visit. At the top of the building you can have a fascinating view over whole Seville.
Tip: Go at sunset, then the view is worth a thousand smiles. 

Las setas

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