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Welcome, Maureen!

17 Feb 2020

iBuenos días, everybody! 

My name is Maureen Bies and I’m a 19-year-old student from the Netherlands. I’m one of the new interns at Andalucía Tours and Discovery. I live in Tolbert a little village near the city Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands. Currently, I'm in my third year of the study International Business and Languages at the Hanze university of applied sciences

In the Netherlands, I always have danced once a week, which is still something I really like to do, so maybe I will take some flamenco classes during my stay in Sevilla, but I think that that will be a big challenge! Besides dancing I like to make drawings, paintings, and pictures, so you can say that I am a creative person. Learning languages is also something that I like to do, so I hope that I can improve my Spanish during my stay in Sevilla.


Why Spain/ Sevilla?

For my study, it is obligatory to do an internship abroad. The country had to be a country where the people speak the language I chose to learn during my studies. And I chose Spanish and French. So I chose Spain, of course! Two years ago I had already been to Sevilla before and fell immediately in love with the city. Also, the beautiful weather was a reason to choose Spain. 

Why ATD?

I chose for an Internship at ATD, because of the freedom and variation that the company offers. So I will not have to work at the office all day. I’m very glad that Spaanzy found this internship for me. During my internship, I will give two tours a week, sometimes maybe less. Because the tours aren’t my main task. I will do the content management/online-marketing of Andalucia tours and discovery. So I will mostly post blogs on the website, pictures on Instagram, tweets on Twitter and make videos for our YouTube channel.


You will find me at ATD from the beginning of February 2020, until the beginning of July 2020. Hopefully, we’ll see you soon!