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10 things you must do when you're in Seville

26 Nov 2015

1) Watch the sunset at the rooftop Doña Maria Hotel

Drink a cocktail on the rooftop terrace next to the famous Giralda. If you go during sunset, the Giralda lights up, which creates a magical view. 

rooftop terrace doña maria hotel giralda view

2) Start your day perfectly by having breakfast at La Cacharreria

The most delicious breakfast ever! There’s so much choice for everyone. Very nice bread but also delicious cake or fresh fruits. Of course, the breakfasts are typical Spanish. Definitely worth a try! (Closed at Sundays)

3) Explore the “Mercado de triana”

An authentic Spanish market with all the delicacies of the Spanish kitchen. Especially very nice to visit in the mornings, when all the locals are going out for grocery shopping. All the products are perfectly sorted out and everything is selected colour by colour. Really impressive to see! 

4) Visit the gardens of Real Alcázar (where Game of Thrones is being filmed)

Absorb the beauty of the Real Alcázar gardens! A cool fact: Game Of Thrones is filmed in these gardens. You could see this episode in the fifth episode of the fifth season.

real alcazar gardens game of thrones

5) Walk around in the Triana streets for a spontaneous flamenco sing- and dance performance.

The flamenco has got his roots in Triana! Nothing is more fun than bumping into a spontaneous Flamenco performance just in the little streets where the Flamenco comes from! You could find the best performances absolutely here!

6) Shop ‘till you drop behind “Las Setas”, (The mushroom).

After you've had "Calle Tetúan" and "Calle Sierpes", discover Calle Regina. This shopping-street is upcoming. You can find here so many alternative shops there, a lot of lunchrooms and a great atmosphere!,+Sevilla,+Spanje/@37.3945922,-5.9939005,17z/data=!3m1!4b1

calle regina upcoming street sevilla alternative

7) Sunday afternoon tapas lunch in La Bulla 

After a long day in the city, you’re probably in for some tapas! We could really recommend La Bulla. The tapas are really great, a beautiful interior, a clean and opened kitchen and the staff is very kind!

8) Get lost in the Jewish quarter “Santa Cruz”

This Jewish quarter is (in our opinion) the most beautiful neighbourhood of Seville. There are so many little and narrow streets where you just could wander for hours and hours.

jewish quarter santa cruz seville

9) María Luisa parc: glorieta de becquer. Take a picture with your beloved one!

For a romantic date, visit this statue in the Maria Luisa parc! The women at the right is the women who’s absolutely crazy in love. The women in the middle is the women who’s content with her love. And the women at the left is the women who is...married, no kidding.. she’s ruined of love. The sad, but ironic part of the story is that the creator of the statue died of “love” himself when he was very young, because of an STD...

statue maria luisa parc poetry

10) Relaxing next to the Triana Bridge during sunset

A romantic place to relax and watch the view is next to the Puente Isabel II (Triana Bridge). Very nice to just escape for a moment from the city. 

triana bridge guadalquivir view seville