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Ceramics in Seville

25 Jul 2022

In this blog we tell you about the best spots to see ceramics in Seville.

In Seville you can find ceramics on every corner of almost every street. Ceramics are used for many things, such as for street signs, but also as art or as a promotion for example a ceramics shop.

Places where a lot of ceramics can be found are in the center, near old buildings and especially in Triana. Triana is an old working-class neighbourhood on the other side of the river. This is where the ceramics come from and are still made!

A nice spot with a lot of ceramics in Triana is near the bridge. Here at the bridge, at the beginning of the neighbourhood, are 2 ceramic towers to be found next to the market. In addition, Mercado de Triana is also very nicely decorated itself! The rest are all buildings with ceramic facades and you will find ceramic artworks on every corner aswell!

Also in the center of Seville there are plenty of places with ceramics. Aníbal González, one of Seville´s greatest architects, has designed many buildings that contain ceramics. Examples are Plaza de España or Plaza de América (Mudejar Pavilion, the Archaeological Museum and the Royal Pavilion). If you are in Seville, be sure to take your time to visit these places!