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"El Rocío": an Andalusian pelgrimage

07 Jun 2014

Every year we are amazed again by the precious pelgrimage in Andalusia, named "El Rocío"This pelgrimage goes from all corners in the region to the town with the same name. 

Here you can find a beautiful little chapel where you can find the statue of the virgen "El Rocío". Many people in Andalusian take the chance to sing, walk and eat together to take on this journey. Some still do the journey the traditional way, on horseback, or in gypsy-style covered wagons. Sometimes it can take two weeks to go from your little village to the other side of the region and more than a million people are participating. El Rocío is a village in the province of Huelva, near to the border of Portugal.

Tomorrow, on Sunday the 8th of June, the pelgrims will arrive there and take on the "salto de la reja" on Pentacostes Monday. This event takes place on a different time every year, when the Chapel is opened for the public and everyone wants to touch the Virgin. The Virgin is known as the La Paloma Blanca (the White Dove), and an object of veneration in the region. Huge crowds push to get the chance to touch the Virgin, as she moves dangerously from side to side. People even lift small babies up to touch her, because it brings good luck.   

Andalucía Tours and Discovery has regular visits to the village of El Rocío. Ask us for more information:

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