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New Year's Eve in Seville 2019!

21 Dec 2019

Are you going to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Seville? Then you should read the following tips and must-dos for sure! Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Seville definitely has its traditions and specialties, which can be handy to know beforehand.

In most countries there is a big party on New Year’s Eve when the clock strikes twelve. Everyone wishes each other a happy new year, give a kiss and go on the streets to light some firework. In Spain we do this a little bit different, when the clock strikes, we eat grapes! For each stroke of the clock one grape, so twelve in total. This definitely is not easy, so we wish you the best of luck in advance!  We eat one grape for every month of the next year and we believe this brings us luck. This tradition started back on New Year’s Eve in 1909, when the inhabitants of the village Viñalopó (in the province of Alicante) had a very good grape harvest. They then decided to share the grapes for good luck.

In Spain, we use firework a little different as well. Usually we don’t do this ourselves. There will be firework in the city, but most times this will be done by the municipality.

dinner table red wineDining on New Year’s Eve
We don’t only celebrate New Year’s Eve with grapes, we also like to get some good food. Not only tapas, but delicious starters, a great dinner and tasty beers and wines. We often do this with friends and family. After 12 o’ clock, we of course drink champagne and/or cava!

Other special traditions
Other traditions we have is for example putting money in our shoes so we have a fortune in the new year. Also, the women sometimes wear red lingerie in the new year. Wearing red underwear is a fun tradition amongst the Spanish people.

Of course, the first of January is also a holiday in Spain, so keep in mind that most stores and places will be closed! Happy New Year’s Eve in Seville!