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Day trips from Seville

20 Jan 2020

Are you on a holiday in Seville and want to check out some of its surroundings while you are in Spain? In this blog, we tell you more about some day trips you can make from Seville and that will definitely show you more from this beautiful region. 

Countryside bike-tour

One of the options we offer besides the bike tours in the city of Seville is the countryside bike tour, where our guide takes you to the most beautiful villages of the northern mountains of Seville with e-bikes. At each location, you will have the opportunity to admire how beautiful the villages and nature are and you will get to know its history and its most representative monuments. There is enough time to take beautiful pictures and enjoy a delicious lunch with local products. It is the perfect trip if you want to escape the city for a day and enjoy nature. 

Daytrip Cádiz
If you rent a car, you can drive to Cádiz in just less then 1,5 hours. The 4000-year old city has a lot to offer. When you’re here, you’ll feel like you’re jumping back in time. You can visit the grandiose Cathedral and go up one of the belltowers to get an astonishing view of the city. If you are interested in castles, you are in the right place in Cadiz. There are 2 breathtaking castles: Castillo de Santa Catalina and Castillo de San Sebastián, you might know that last one from the James Bond movie ‘007, Die Another Day’. Do you rather go to the beach? Escape Seville for a day to relax on the beaches of Cádiz and cool down in the sea! 

Daytrip Córdoba 

By car, you will be in Córdoba within 2 hours. In Córdoba, you can enjoy the Roman amphitheatre, the beautiful Jewish neighbourhood with its courtyards and decorated balconies, the riverside on the Guadalquivir and the terraces with tapas for everyone. This Andalusian city is another one that you can’t miss on your trip. One of the highlights of Córdoba is the Mosque-Cathedral, in Spanish known as the Mezquita de Córdoba. When planning to go here, we recommend you to reserve tickets online! 

There is enough to do in Seville itself, but when you’d like to go out of the city for a day, these options are perfect for a day trip! Enjoy your stay!