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Fuente de las Ranas

22 mai 2023

Fuente de las Ranas is part of the Maria Luisa Park, but why is this fountain special? I will tell you that because the frogs are very popular.

This frog fountain is the oldest fountain in the whole area, from 1914. It was made by Manuel García-Montalván, who made two similar copies for Tenerife and Mexico City.

The fountain consists of eight ceramic frogs standing in around a duck resting on a turtle. The mouth of the frogs and the duck's beak function as a fountain.

During the civil war, the fountain was partially destroyed and there have been multiple devastations since then. They tried to protect the fountain and prevent damage by placing an iron gate around the fountain, but it too has “disappeared”.

Of the eight frogs, only one is original. The frogs are well secured, yet occasionally people climb over the fence with a chisel to take home such a frog. Almost no one is happy with this, only the ceramic shop in Triana that makes the frogs. Almost all the ceramics you see in the park come from Triana.

During our Daily Tour we also cycle through the Maria Luisa Park, and you can also see Fuente de las Ranas. I wonder if you can see which one is still original!