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The new reform of the traffic law 2014 concerns cyclists.

11 mai 2014


Good afternoon to everyone, 

Much has been talked about the new reform of the traffic law of 2014 and many of us are misinformed and fearful that our disinformation can result in misunderstandings.

I know that the changes can produce confusion and anger, but we must understand the "why" of these changes.

As we have observed, in recent years the landscape of our city has changed ; pedestrian zones, bike lanes, tram rails, ... changes in order to improve mobility and the quality of the air we breathe.

These changes are being accompanied by an adaptation of the citizens to their characteristics in order to integrate them into our lives, so cycling can be easier and more comfortable for all. They are designed to not to cause any prejudice or inconvenience.

Therefore there is a need to regulate and develop standards of use.

Let's try to summarize in this article what they are and clarify the new rules and review the most important of which were already in force.


. - The first thing is : appart from two wheels, what must our bike have?

According to Article 38 of the Ordinance of pedestrians and cyclists:

" The bikes must have a bell and lights or reflective elements which are under current legislation. They may also be equipped with accessory components suitable for daytime and nighttime transport of minors and load ... "

. - And what should we and what should we not wear?

According to the same article:

" When we use lighting, it is mandatory that bicycle drivers running on interurban roads should wear reflective clothing."

This does not mean we have to put a reflective vest on, but a reflective band would be enough , though we must always keep in mind that the more visible we are, the better.

And on what not to wear , which makes it clear in Article 18.2 of the Rules of the road : " No can drive bicycle, or other vehicle, using earphones or headphones connected to receivers or sound reproducing apparatus, or drive manually using mobile phone or any other device incompatible with mandatory continuing attention to driving. "

The new traffic law adds mandatory helmet use on interurban roads for cyclists and urban roads for those under 16 years for any route, venue or circumstance.

. - Another question we ask a lot is where do we move ?

The answer to this is found in Article 35:

" The bikes will run on the bike paths or marked lanes where they exist , notwithstanding that it is allowed to circulate otherwise by the ordinary road. "

" Unless expressly prohibited by exceptional reasons circulation allows cycling through public parks and walks, provided that the speed is adapted to the pedestrians. " Section 40

This means that when there are bike lanes, we are required to travel on and otherwise may use the driveway or sidewalk. When we do on the road , do it for the right or the far right lane that is not reserved .

For driving on the sidewalk, it is be possible if certain requirements are met such as reflected in Article 41.

"In pedestrian areas and sidewalks over five meters wide , in which at least three of them are expedited and there exists marked bike lanes , bicycles may be moved , at times where there is no agglomeration of pedestrians , always that :

a) Maintain a moderate speed below 10 km / hour.

b ) To respect at all times the priority of pedestrians.

c ) Maintain a distance of at least one meter facade of buildings , as well as pedestrians on overtaking or crossing operations ; and

d ) not negligent or reckless conduct maneuvers that may affect the safety of pedestrians . "


-How fast can we move ?

The maximum speed of the bicycle, which was previously set at 40 km / h and now , at 45 km / h , has been canceled in practice. So in summary, you can travel at the speed permitted by satellite , respecting traffic signals .

The bike paths or bike lanes " . Pathways such users should maintain a moderate speed from a maximum 15-20 km / hour, approximately , subject to maintaining proper caution and care whilst driving " Article 39

" Bicycle traffic on marked routes must remain within the marked bands , if any , maintaining a moderate speed below 10 km . / Hour and about always respecting the right of way of pedestrians. " Section 40 .


Can I transport children cycling ? How do I do that?

At last you are legally allowed to carry a child up to seven years on an additional seat on the bike. The chair has to be approved , and the person driving , of age .

As already mentioned , the new law adds mandatory helmet use in all types of roads without exception. This helmet law extends to under 16 but go on your own bike .


-Alcohol, drugs and other substances

If you drink, do not you ride . Neither a bike . The Spanish legislation provides for no distinction traffic by type of vehicle, or staggered penalties.

The same as for the detection of drugs, medications or other substances that may affect behavior.


-Where I can park my bike?

In addition to your home , Article 43 provides that:

" The infrastructure specifically designed for bicycle parking on urban roads will be used exclusively for these . Bicycles are stationed in them and must be properly secured.

In the case of absence of such parking in a radius of 50 meters, or all occupied spaces are found, the bikes may be tied to trees or street furniture provided this tree health is not impaired. Do not prevent its perfect visibility altering its signaling function, or vehicular traffic or pedestrians hindrance."

In any case, they can not park bicycles on sidewalks with total width less than 1.5 meters.


-And what about the tram ?

As always if you have priority or whether, as is reflected in the following articles.

"Article 51 . From tram priority .
In general, signaling ensure tram priority over other vehicles. "

"Article 55 . Ban From stopping and parking. It is prohibited to stop and park on the rails of the tramway or as close thereto which may hamper their movement. "


Well folks, here are what we have left in our opinion is the most important thing to know about bicycle traffic in Seville.

And personal advice : remember that when in doubt it is always advisable to use common sense. Enjoy the pleasure of cycling in this beautiful city and thinks that the respect for others is the key to happiness .

Thank you and goodbye,

Carlos Ortiz.