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The Columbus mystery

17 mai 2014

At school, I was thought Columbus (Colón in Spanish) was born in Genova, Italy in 1451 and that his family was originally from Valladolid. There is a big but though... New studies claim this isn't sure anymore. Columbus was born in Lissabon maybe, or was he from Galicia in northern Spain? A difficult questions to answer, since Christoffer never really wrote down when he was born and where exactly he was living in his childhood. It could be that the religion of Columbus was the reason for him being mysterious about his origins. It is said he was a converted Jew. Since he was going to plead for money at the Christian Kings (Reyes Católicos), it was a better option to wait and see if these kings would give him money for his journeys and not tell them he had been of Jewish faith. 

Another mystery is where Christoffer is buried. Alright, we are sure he is in the Cathedral of Seville, because a DNA test was done. His son Diego is buried there too. Only, on the Dominican Republic and Cuba they are still claiming to have his bones. What about that? The DNA test was done by the University of Granada.. Santo Domingo is telling they are also going to do a test. Mystery unsolved still.. 

The last doubt I have in mind is where his ships are. We have some replica's of the Pinto, the Niña and the Santa María in La Rábida, near to the city of Huelva (Andalusia, Spain). Just last Tuesday I found out the Santa María was found near to Haiti on the bottom of the ocean. Archeologist are going to excavate more so more details can be revealed. Hopefully we will get to know more about its history and origin, and I am not only talking about the ship! 

cristoffer columbus, cristobal colón, Sevilla at least we know where Columbus is in Seville!