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Michelin Star restaurants in Andalucía

07 Sep 2020

There are many restaurants in Seville and the rest of Andalucía where you can enjoy delicious food. But some of these restaurants have an award called the Michelin Star. We will tell you what a Michelin Star is and which restaurants in Andalucía have one.

The Michelin guide was first published in 1900. This guide was originally intended for French motorists to see where they could find a decent place to eat and spend the night along the way. In 1933 the ‘Stars’ were introduced to highlight special restaurants. Nowadays the Michelin Star guide is used as a bible for delicious food.

But what exactly does it take to get such a star? And what's the difference between one, two or three star restaurants?
Restaurants will be assessed by an inspector from Michelin. All Michelin inspectors are catering and hospitality experts who anonymously visit restaurants and pay for their meals. Owners, the chefs and waiters do not know when they are being assessed. What inspectors look for exactly when assessing a restaurant is largely kept secret by Michelin. The restaurant guide does indicate that it uses the following five criteria:

- Quality of the products
- Mastery in taste and cooking techniques
- The personality of chefs in their kitchen
- Value for money
- Consistent quality between the reviews

The restaurant's interior and service are not a factor in awarding the stars, Michelin explains. The Michelin Star is the most respected and coveted award a restaurant can receive. Receiving the award gives an enormous boost to the reputation and income of the restaurant.

The difference between the stars is quite simple for us to explain:
One star = high quality cuisine, worth a stop
Two stars = excellent cuisine, worth a detour
Three stars = exceptional cuisine, a travel destination in itself.

So when visiting Seville it is definitely worth visiting one of the Michelin Star restaurants in the surrounding area. We made a short list for you with restaurants that are within a two hour drive from the city centre of Seville. We hope you can enjoy some delicious Spanish food at one of these excellent restaurants!

3 Michelin Stars:
- Aponiente (in El Puerto de Santa Maria)

2 Michelin Stars:
- Noor (in Cordoba)
- Bardal (in Ronda)

1 Michelin Star:
- Abantal (in Seville)
- Choco (in Cordoba)
- Acanthum (in Huelva)