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Sevilla FC VS Real Betis

19 mei 2023

You know it as a ‘ football derby ’. And yes, this Sunday It is that time again. Sevilla Fc or Real Betis? It is an important question in the Andalusian capital. Because Seville not only likes flamenco and tapas, but is also a great football crazy city. The Seville FC match against Real Betis will take place this Sunday at 9:00 PM in the stadium of Sevilla FC.

So you can imagine that this city will revive when its kind of competition arrives. That evening, all of Seville will take to the streets to watch the football match in the first local bar.

But where does this battle come from?

Real Betis was founded in 1907. This club was founded by a number of renegade supporters of Sevilla FC. Many Sevilla FC supporters wanted their own football club. Sevilla FC was founded by a large part of English and they wanted a real Spanish club. As a result, part of the local population, and mainly the workers, has also switched to Real Betis. You can see it that way. The workers and poorer people are for Real Betis and the richer people are for Sevilla FC. As a result, there is always a small battle in the city and so also among the football fans.

But how are the opportunities divided?

If you look at the list you will see that Betis is in 6th place and Sevilla FC in 10th place. Although Sevilla FC has a better team and the chances of winning would be bigger for them. Namely for Sevilla FC 41% and for Betis 31%. There is of course also a chance of a draw, which is 28%.

If you can't be at the game but you like to watch the stadium? That is of course also possible. There are several tours through the stadium. You can do this on the official website of the 2 football clubs and you can choose a time slot. And you probably also know the well-known mosaic that we see at the place of the blog. View this in real life! ;)

Buy tickets for a competition?

The same applies for this too. This can be done on the official websites of the 2 football clubs. Unfortunately this is no longer possible for this competition because it is sold out, but of course there are plenty of other matches.

If you want more information. Ask one of our guides.