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17 Oct 2016

Nan is 30 years old. She lived in The Netherlands in a city called Breda, but three years ago she decided to move to Seville. We could not have been happier with the decision of our nightingale to move here. Two years ago Nan applied for the job as a guide. Before she worked as a guide, she was a teacher. For her, working at this company was the perfect opportunity. During the daily bike tour she could give all the information in the city she has fallen in love with.
We will give you a ‘’little tour’’ to get to know our  BIRDNERD ‘Nanneke’.


06 Oct 2016

Festival de las naciones will give you a trip around the world.
You don’t need to travel anymore, because all you want to discover about the world can be just right in front of you.

It starts from the 16th of September until the 30th of October. It is located in the...

20 Sep 2016

How to better start your lazy Sunday morning then at one of the best cafés or bars in Seville. Can you imagine that you will sit in a comfy place and you smell the taste of fresh baked bread going through your nose while you take a sip of your freshly squeezed juice. That is, without a doubt, the finest taste that will make your Sunday morning even much more careless.

La Cacharerría
The restaurant La Cacharerría is one of the...

13 Sep 2016

Andalusia is the perfect place to practice sports. There is an enormous amount of sports in this region. In the summer the temperature can be up to 45º C, which makes this the perfect spot to practise water sports. It is known of the soft winters and because of it, it is much easier to go outside and exercise. 

As written, the region Andalusia offers the optimal weather conditions to go cycling around. It is not only good for your health, but it is also a way to see as much as possible in a short way of time. That is why cycling becomes more...

06 Sep 2016

Maria Luisa Park

1. Visit Maria Luisa Park
First of all the Maria Luisa Park is the park of Maria Luisa herself, but on 18 April 1914 it was donated to the Spanish public. This park is now famous for the wonderful gardens and the colourful flowers. It is a way to spend a perfect romantic day together. In the Maria Luisa Park there are many romantic places. For example you could pay a visit Ofelia Nieto and the Monte Gurugú.

Ofelia Nieto
Ofelia Nieto is a w...

22 Aug 2016

flower bike

We cannot deny it the world is not going really well ecologically-wise… And the more people on Earth there is, the worse it gets! Unless… everyone becomes aware that no matter the size of the action, everyone can help create a better planet.

We love our world, and so we want to discover it by travelling and we do! As tourism represents a huge economy, it’s also a danger for...

19 Aug 2016

White villages

It sounds like a movie's name or a legend but the White Villages of Andalusia do exist and many routes are made for tourists to go from one to another. 

When we think about Andalusia we mainly know the main southern cities, but it’s much more than that, and if you have time you need to walk out of the beaten path and go explore the region. 

What we called White Villages (Pueblos Blancos) a...

15 Aug 2016


Cordoba is a small but lovely city that you should see if you’re visiting Spain and especially Andalusia. It’s only an hour away from Seville and two from Granada, you have no excuses! It’s not because it’s a small city that there is nothing to do, in fact…you’d be surprised!

  • Well first of all the Mosque of Cordoba is the most famous city monument, it’s huge and wonderfully beauti...
11 Aug 2016

Feria de Malaga

Malaga is mostly known for its beautiful port and its beach. All year long, especially during summer, the city is very popular. But it’s more than just a beach and a seaside, Malaga offers a lot of things to see, and welcomes the feria of August which will be a huge event.

  • If you want to enjoy days at the beach AND to see some typical celebrations, you need to go to Malaga right now! Because the Feria of Malaga is beginning this...
08 Aug 2016

The Giralda from a man's heart

Seville is a big city that welcomes a lot of tourists all year long. Many people know the “main” tourist path that the book guides advise but fewer have discovered the “hidden” corners of the Andalusian capital. Here is a list of 7 places, not all hidden, but all typical and of course, beautiful.